Latest Home Design Trends Provide Opportunities for Self-Expression

Home design is not a one-time thing. As trends peak and fade, individuals often wish to stay abreast of the latest styles and incorporate them into their surroundings. Home design can not only be an enjoyable hobby, but also an ongoing work of art. As you ponder your next design project, consider combining these popular ideas with your own personal touch:

Use Brass

The use of brass is nothing new – it’s been a fixture throughout history. It’s a challenging design material, however, because it has the potential to look either classy or tacky. This timeless option is again gaining momentum, and is particularly attractive in kitchens and bathrooms. Brass can be found comprising ornamental pieces, such as lamp stands, bathtubs, faucets, and sinks.

Merge the Inside with the Outside

Outdoor designs, such as gardens, fountains, and even trees, are moving inside. Living rooms and kitchens are moving out. Folks are opting out of traditional patio furniture and picnic tables and replacing them with living room sets, complete with outdoor pillows and fireplaces. Outdoor ovens, food preparation, refrigeration, and dining areas have given new meaning to family barbeques as well.


Go Blue

Blue is big both in fashion and home painting. It is simultaneously calming and authoritative. The use of various shades within the same room is especially popular. Have fun experimenting with combinations of teal, sapphire, cobalt, azure, navy, turquoise, and beryl. Blue hues are versatile enough to go anywhere, from curtains and couches to cupboards and walls.

Think Floral

Floral designs have been around for years – on furniture, bedding, wallpaper, rugs, and more. This timeless design deserves recognition today, as floral fashions are in, and industry fads that overlap often have staying power. Pay attention to what people are wearing in television commercials and on billboards, as well as what’s on display while shopping. Big and bright flowers are sure to catch your eye.

Mix – Don’t Match

Take risks as you decorate. Colors need not be harmonious to be used together, and neither do patterns, finishes, or textures. A polka dot bedspread may work perfectly with animal print curtains and upholstery that boasts zig-zags. You may be surprised at the cohesive outcome of pushing traditional decorative boundaries.

Before you begin your home design project, remember to step back and assess your space. Take your time as you explore design options, as this will allow you to engage your self-expression to the fullest potential. Most importantly, be imaginative and have fun!

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