You can vacuum all you want, but that only picks up the surface dirt on your carpets. You may not notice it because it happens gradually, but even the finest carpet will look dull or discolored. Try moving a piece of furniture. Notice how much better the carpet underneath looks?

That’s a sign that a deep cleaning is needed. Without a deep clean, dirt and dust can settle in. Think how often you walk in our carpet in your shoes or barefoot. Sweat and grime can get absorbed. Pet dander and other allergens settle in. Pollen and even dust mites can gather.

carpet cleaning

If you find yourself sneezing more often, it just might be your carpet that is responsible.

Pets and Carpet

Pets shed hair and dander and body oils that sink into the carpet, not to mention the occasional accident. Children makes messes and there’s only so much you can do about it.

It’s recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year, and more often if you have kids or pets. If children are at the crawling stage, you’ll want to clean more often to keep them healthier.

Deep Cleaning

Even if you think your carpets are clean, you will be amazed by what a deep clean will pick up and make your carpets look like new.

Does your house smell bad? When you run the vacuum over the carpet does it smell weird? It might be a sign that it’s time to do a deep clean.

If it’s got a mildew or moldy smell, it may be the sign of a bigger issue like water damage. Once mold takes hold, it won’t go away until you get it professionally cleaned.
Professional cleaners can work with stubborn stains that don’t come up with soap and water and make sure to eliminate lingering odors.

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High-Traffic Areas

Unless your carpet is very old, or there’s been an unusual amount of wear-and-tear, a deep cleaning can bring your carpet back to life. If the high-traffic areas look a little worn or dull compared to the rest of the carpet, get it cleaned before you think about replacing it.

It’s not just to make it look nicer and feel better under your feet, regular professional cleaning can extend the life of your carpet.

When you decide you want to transform your basement, first consider what you will be using that room for.

One of the options that you see very often in basements is a drop ceiling. The problem with this kind of architectural item is that it is decidedly unattractive in most places.

It makes the space in which it is installed look cheap and sometimes cramped, as well, because it can limit the amount of ceiling height that you have available to you. It’s better to try to keep the basic aesthetic of the rest of your house and avoid putting in a drop ceiling.

Make Use of Space

Making the most of the space you have is always a good idea when remodeling your basement. Shelving built into the wall for storage purposes is one of the best choices you can make, although it’s important to keep things uncomplicated due to the possible expense you could incur.

If you want to sell your home later, you may find it difficult if you invest too much in woodwork, as well.

You may want to invest in an air purifier in order to make the air in your remodeled basement fresher. However, if there is mold or mildew in your basement, you will want to make sure you take care of those problems as well.

Open Up Space

Opening up the stairwell to the basement can be a good idea because it helps bring a greater amount of light into the area. It’s a relatively easy installation to complete. Some of the simple tools you’ll need include wood adhesive and a nail gun.

If you’re going to do this project, be certain to move all of the furniture into the basement before you install the railing.

basement remodel example

Basements tend to be cold places unless they’re remodeled. One of the things you can do to make the basement look and feel cozier is to invest in the installation of a thick and comfortable carpet. Your space will seem much warmer and you’ll want to spend more time in the basement.

It is usually a better investment to remodel your basement than it is to creating a whole new section of the house. It can cost anywhere from twice as much to more than three times as much per square foot to set up an addition to the house than it is to remodel an existing space.


It is important to get a good sense of how the rest of your house “flows” as it pertains to aesthetics. Once you have this figured out, make sure you design your remodeling project around that aesthetic so your basement has that same look and feel.

You don’t want your remodeled basement to feel alien-like when compared to everywhere else in your home.

For the ecologically conscious, be sure to see which materials you can get recycled or reused. Also, when your project is completed, be certain to try recycling any leftover material.

There are many places where you can purchase recycled materials to use in your project. By being of service to the environment by making some green building purchases, you can save money, too.

In a lot of homes, the garage is just a spot to keep the car or truck, use for storage (the lawn mower), and hang up your shovels and rakes. In any case, with a little creativity (and these awesome tips), a garage can be changed into a marvelous space that is as comfortable as, and significantly more fun than, the various rooms in the house.

big huge garage

Create Zones in the Garage

To make a decent garage space, your initial step ought to be to make zones: one for your car, truck, or van, one for your workshop (on the off chance that it’s situated in the carport), and one for kicking back and appreciating your very own space.

In every zone, use clever storage to conceal apparatuses and other “garage type things” away. Metal toolboxes can give a mechanical feel for the space, while wooden cupboards can be recolored for a more upscale look, or painted to keep things easygoing and visually pleasing.

Distinctive Zones

Your distinctive zones can work fine in an open arrangement plan; once you get the territories arranged, they’ll normally stand separated from each other. For a more formal division of space, get inventive with dividers.

You can assemble an interesting screen by pivoting together an accumulation of unique vintage entryways, make a modern look by utilizing steel or other metallic fencing, or suspend folded steel boards from chains associated with the roof.


Make the Space Work for You

On the off chance that the new space will be mostly to relax, use as much creative energy as you would for a room inside the house–yet attempt to adhere to a subject like upscale games, science fiction, vintage cars, a hunters’ paradise, gentleman’s parlor or current minimalism.

Consider putting in a cowhide couch, comfortable seats, an end table that mirrors your style and, obviously, a huge flat-level screen TV mounted on the divider. A “zone mat” goes far in holding a space together and spares you cash by not redoing the floor.

It can likewise conceal lines from table lights, which will warm the space up and make it feel less like a garage and more like a genuine room.

Garage Flooring Ideas

In the event that the garage’s floor is is in pretty good shape, you can likely escape with painting it a new color. Give it a decent power washing in advance and fill any splits with a mortar repair compound. Next verify whether the floor should be carved so that the paint will stick by trickling some water on it.


Over the course of time, the garage will experience normal wear and tear. General maintenance can help prevent much damage, but in case something hits your garage door and causes damage, be sure to call a trusted garage door repair company and you should be good to go.


A good plumbing system is also necessary to keep your new garage in good shape. To prevent flooding, you might want a professional plumber to come out and take a look.


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