Do you live in Plano, TX? Regardless of the scope of your bathroom remodel, the main focus of the project should be functionality. Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind before getting started on a bathroom remodel in Plano.

Plumbing System

The typical diameter for residential plumbing is one and a half inches for drains, which can easily culminate in the buildup of hair and other types of blockage. If you make the drains larger, they’re less likely to clog over time. Upgrading to two-inch pipes doesn’t cost much more than the typical size, and is ideal unless it doesn’t fit in your shower.

You should also ensure that your piping doesn’t connect to the exterior of the building if you’re in a location where the temperature drops dramatically throughout the year.

bathroom remodeling

Plano Lighting Fixtures

One of the best types of lighting systems for bathrooms is recessed lighting in the ceiling, which can help make the room appear larger, with one or two in the shower with shower trim.

Dimmers are also great if you want to change the mood from time to time, and you’ll also want to consider which lighting is ideal for vanities based on how you’ll use the mirror. The more you’re likely to use the mirror, the brighter the lights should be to allow you to easily see what you’re doing.

Shower Window

One of the best additions for a shower is a window installation, which is a potentially great feature if installed the right way. Frosted glass allows for privacy, and an opening in the center can let in some fresh air. There should also be jambs installed around the entire installation to keep the window watertight. The windowsill should also have a slope that allows for sufficient drainage.

Sills in the Shower

Similar to the windowsill, the key to a shower sill is the sloping. Ideally, you should use a material that’s solid such as quartz or stone. If the shower curb is tiled, water may sit in the grout and at some point seep through to the framing.

Drawers Instead of Doors

When installing your vanity, consider installing drawers instead of doors. Drawers allow for easy access and organization, and they can be cut out around the plumbing and be extra large in size to accommodate bigger items.

Installing a Tub or a Shower

Another important consideration is whether you want to install a shower or tub-shower combo.

Remember that when designing the bathroom, you’re renovating it for yourself rather than future buyers. Consider how often you take a bath compared to a shower, which should help you determine whether or not you should install a tub.

Each of these installations can be fully customized to meet you and your home’s needs when remodeling your bathroom. You can use them to your advantage to help your home stand out, impressing visitors and residents alike.

Cowhide rugs can make the home look great. If you’re trying to figure out how to select the perfect rug, here is a brief guide to help you with product selection. However, you can always consult with professionals who can offer high-quality cowhides while helping you make your decision.

Consider the Size of the Area

The first thing you’ll want to think about is the size of the area where you’ll place the cowhide rug. Measure the room, along with the size of a coffee table that might be placed on top of it. Consider whether it looks good when partially hidden beneath furniture.

Based on the size of the room, you’ll be able to narrow down how much space is available for an area rug.

patchwork cowhide rug

Calculate the Budget

The next consideration is the maximum budget available for a patchwork cowhide rug. In most cases, size and price will be proportional, with smaller rugs costing far less than a large cowhide rug.

What Colors Do You Want to Use?

Colors are the next aspect to think about, specifically what will match your interior decor. The most popular cowhide rug colors are brown and white or black and white, but in some cases you might want to consider dark exotic or light beige options. Try to be open minded, as the color that you wind up using may not be the original option you consider.

Hair Styles

Cowhides also feature different types of hair, with some featuring short and sleek hair while others will have longer and curlier hair. Sometimes this isn’t important and you may find that either style works. Most cowhides come with a short and sleek coat, while longer-haired coats are rarer and harder to find.

At this point you’ll likely be able to find the right rug for your home, but here are a couple of other tips to help further narrow down the decision.

Go with What You Feel Would Look Best

You don’t need to spend too much time deciding on the right cowhide rug for your home. Every cowhide rug is unique, and while you may have an exact picture in mind of what you want, it’s perfectly acceptable to choose one that simply looks the closest to what you originally wanted.

You’ll have a more enjoyable time making your selection if you’re not worried about finding that “perfect” rug, because in reality there’s no such thing. Part of the charm of a cowhide rug is its imperfections that make it uniquely yours.

Pay Attention to Your Tastes

You don’t need to worry about what friends advise you to get. Instead, stick with your personal tastes and preferences when making your selection, as it’s going to wind up in your home, not anyone else’s.

Keeping all of this in mind, you should be able to find the right cowhide rug for your home, whether you’re looking for a natural or patchwork cowhide.

Luxury conveys attention to the finest details exceeding expectations within any area, pleasing all the human senses. Through meticulous artistry and a discerning refined taste, it affords the opportunity to be extremely comfortable and enjoy an elegant, cultured lifestyle.

Your living room preference of style and design create a significant core to your home. The key to a luxurious living room design often depends upon a particular palette of colors and materials, striking a productive balance between warmth and glamour.

Texture and Color

A stunning living room embraces a few colors tones within the original palette, adding interest with an infusion of texture and color, through various shapes and eras within the decorating scheme.

Relish an atmosphere conducive to living sumptuously in discovering quality. With a touch of luxuriousness within your design concept; your standard living room can transcend into a luxuriously comfortable space to enjoy.

luxury living room

Palatial Illuminated High Ceilings

High ceilings add a sense of sophistication, allowing grander center chandeliers to accent the room. Tray ceilings with recessed or hanging pendant lighting fixtures in your house offer a contemporary look. Vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams provide a beautiful architectural statement, affording the illusion of increased square footage.

Ornamental ceiling moldings can execute rich detailing the room requires exhibiting stylishness. Beveled glass French doors leading to a glass solarium with slate flooring integrates functionality with elegance.

Sculpted Elegance though Fireside Ambiance

A double-sided fireplace as the center of attraction offers both living and dining rooms a bold statement delivering a vibrant atmosphere. With the additions of carved architectural detailing of marble, wood, or stone, a fireplace creates a collective transformation of living spaces into a dramatic focal point, accentuating a masterpiece of artwork.

Opulence through Window Treatments

Floor to ceiling windows offers panoramic vistas, providing exquisite featuring for adding a sense of luxury to the room.

Ornately inspired windows accented with upholstered cornices complement a beautiful glamor. Decorate using similar tones of color to balance the furnishings and accent rugs. Hanging long draperies of damask and jacquard fabric from the starting point where the wall meets the ceiling, allowing the fabric to pool on the floor slightly will accentuate the room’s luxuriousness.

Decadence through Marble Architectural Elements

A grand living room design incorporating subtle faux marble finished walls in gorgeous ivory creates an ideal backdrop for decorative accents and furnishings that offer exoticism. Creating a floor with cream-colored marble tiles, accentuated with marble clad impressive columns, and highlighted with a stairway of gold finished hand railings combined with glass panels will deliver a decadent modernized feel.

Touches of extravagance will emphasize the flooring with an accent rug, which will delineate spaces, highlight the room’s color palette, and infuse texture into the area.

The key to creating a luxuriously well-appointed living room emphasizing a professional appeal is symmetry with contrast, striving for a visually grander illusion of space through reflective mirror decor arrangement. Painting walls with lighter shades of colors of whites and creams provide a clean, bright high-end vibe.

Luxury encompasses enjoyment of the finest in life. Through enhancing your interior spaces through tasteful designing, acquiring the choicest furnishings and elemental decor, you will accentuate a unique exclusivity to your home.

When you decide you want to transform your basement, first consider what you will be using that room for.

One of the options that you see very often in basements is a drop ceiling. The problem with this kind of architectural item is that it is decidedly unattractive in most places.

It makes the space in which it is installed look cheap and sometimes cramped, as well, because it can limit the amount of ceiling height that you have available to you. It’s better to try to keep the basic aesthetic of the rest of your house and avoid putting in a drop ceiling.

Make Use of Space

Making the most of the space you have is always a good idea when remodeling your basement. Shelving built into the wall for storage purposes is one of the best choices you can make, although it’s important to keep things uncomplicated due to the possible expense you could incur.

If you want to sell your home later, you may find it difficult if you invest too much in woodwork, as well.

You may want to invest in an air purifier in order to make the air in your remodeled basement fresher. However, if there is mold or mildew in your basement, you will want to make sure you take care of those problems as well.

Open Up Space

Opening up the stairwell to the basement can be a good idea because it helps bring a greater amount of light into the area. It’s a relatively easy installation to complete. Some of the simple tools you’ll need include wood adhesive and a nail gun.

If you’re going to do this project, be certain to move all of the furniture into the basement before you install the railing.

basement remodel example

Basements tend to be cold places unless they’re remodeled. One of the things you can do to make the basement look and feel cozier is to invest in the installation of a thick and comfortable carpet. Your space will seem much warmer and you’ll want to spend more time in the basement.

It is usually a better investment to remodel your basement than it is to creating a whole new section of the house. It can cost anywhere from twice as much to more than three times as much per square foot to set up an addition to the house than it is to remodel an existing space.


It is important to get a good sense of how the rest of your house “flows” as it pertains to aesthetics. Once you have this figured out, make sure you design your remodeling project around that aesthetic so your basement has that same look and feel.

You don’t want your remodeled basement to feel alien-like when compared to everywhere else in your home.

For the ecologically conscious, be sure to see which materials you can get recycled or reused. Also, when your project is completed, be certain to try recycling any leftover material.

There are many places where you can purchase recycled materials to use in your project. By being of service to the environment by making some green building purchases, you can save money, too.

I found a great article on Houzz that includes great information about how to make any room better.


Here are the basic tips.

  1. Pick the paint color last.
  2. Give your furniture some breathing room.
  3. Hang artwork at the right height.
  4. Know how to arrange furniture on a rug.
  5. Resist the urge to be too theme-y.
  6. Create a focal point.
  7. Consider sight lines.
  8. Edit your collectibles.
  9. Vary the scale.
  10. Add layers of lighting.
  11. Be bold.

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