Interior Design Ideas for Luxury Living Rooms

Luxury conveys attention to the finest details exceeding expectations within any area, pleasing all the human senses. Through meticulous artistry and a discerning refined taste, it affords the opportunity to be extremely comfortable and enjoy an elegant, cultured lifestyle.

Your living room preference of style and design create a significant core to your home. The key to a luxurious living room design often depends upon a particular palette of colors and materials, striking a productive balance between warmth and glamour.

Texture and Color

A stunning living room embraces a few colors tones within the original palette, adding interest with an infusion of texture and color, through various shapes and eras within the decorating scheme.

Relish an atmosphere conducive to living sumptuously in discovering quality. With a touch of luxuriousness within your design concept; your standard living room can transcend into a luxuriously comfortable space to enjoy.

luxury living room

Palatial Illuminated High Ceilings

High ceilings add a sense of sophistication, allowing grander center chandeliers to accent the room. Tray ceilings with recessed or hanging pendant lighting fixtures in your house offer a contemporary look. Vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams provide a beautiful architectural statement, affording the illusion of increased square footage.

Ornamental ceiling moldings can execute rich detailing the room requires exhibiting stylishness. Beveled glass French doors leading to a glass solarium with slate flooring integrates functionality with elegance.

Sculpted Elegance though Fireside Ambiance

A double-sided fireplace as the center of attraction offers both living and dining rooms a bold statement delivering a vibrant atmosphere. With the additions of carved architectural detailing of marble, wood, or stone, a fireplace creates a collective transformation of living spaces into a dramatic focal point, accentuating a masterpiece of artwork.

Opulence through Window Treatments

Floor to ceiling windows offers panoramic vistas, providing exquisite featuring for adding a sense of luxury to the room.

Ornately inspired windows accented with upholstered cornices complement a beautiful glamor. Decorate using similar tones of color to balance the furnishings and accent rugs. Hanging long draperies of damask and jacquard fabric from the starting point where the wall meets the ceiling, allowing the fabric to pool on the floor slightly will accentuate the room’s luxuriousness.

Decadence through Marble Architectural Elements

A grand living room design incorporating subtle faux marble finished walls in gorgeous ivory creates an ideal backdrop for decorative accents and furnishings that offer exoticism. Creating a floor with cream-colored marble tiles, accentuated with marble clad impressive columns, and highlighted with a stairway of gold finished hand railings combined with glass panels will deliver a decadent modernized feel.

Touches of extravagance will emphasize the flooring with an accent rug, which will delineate spaces, highlight the room’s color palette, and infuse texture into the area.

The key to creating a luxuriously well-appointed living room emphasizing a professional appeal is symmetry with contrast, striving for a visually grander illusion of space through reflective mirror decor arrangement. Painting walls with lighter shades of colors of whites and creams provide a clean, bright high-end vibe.

Luxury encompasses enjoyment of the finest in life. Through enhancing your interior spaces through tasteful designing, acquiring the choicest furnishings and elemental decor, you will accentuate a unique exclusivity to your home.

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