What You Should Consider Before a Plano Bathroom Remodeling Project

Do you live in Plano, TX? Regardless of the scope of your bathroom remodel, the main focus of the project should be functionality. Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind before getting started on a bathroom remodel in Plano.

Plumbing System

The typical diameter for residential plumbing is one and a half inches for drains, which can easily culminate in the buildup of hair and other types of blockage. If you make the drains larger, they’re less likely to clog over time. Upgrading to two-inch pipes doesn’t cost much more than the typical size, and is ideal unless it doesn’t fit in your shower.

You should also ensure that your piping doesn’t connect to the exterior of the building if you’re in a location where the temperature drops dramatically throughout the year.

bathroom remodeling

Plano Lighting Fixtures

One of the best types of lighting systems for bathrooms is recessed lighting in the ceiling, which can help make the room appear larger, with one or two in the shower with shower trim.

Dimmers are also great if you want to change the mood from time to time, and you’ll also want to consider which lighting is ideal for vanities based on how you’ll use the mirror. The more you’re likely to use the mirror, the brighter the lights should be to allow you to easily see what you’re doing.

Shower Window

One of the best additions for a shower is a window installation, which is a potentially great feature if installed the right way. Frosted glass allows for privacy, and an opening in the center can let in some fresh air. There should also be jambs installed around the entire installation to keep the window watertight. The windowsill should also have a slope that allows for sufficient drainage.

Sills in the Shower

Similar to the windowsill, the key to a shower sill is the sloping. Ideally, you should use a material that’s solid such as quartz or stone. If the shower curb is tiled, water may sit in the grout and at some point seep through to the framing.

Drawers Instead of Doors

When installing your vanity, consider installing drawers instead of doors. Drawers allow for easy access and organization, and they can be cut out around the plumbing and be extra large in size to accommodate bigger items.

Installing a Tub or a Shower

Another important consideration is whether you want to install a shower or tub-shower combo.

Remember that when designing the bathroom, you’re renovating it for yourself rather than future buyers. Consider how often you take a bath compared to a shower, which should help you determine whether or not you should install a tub.

Each of these installations can be fully customized to meet you and your home’s needs when remodeling your bathroom. You can use them to your advantage to help your home stand out, impressing visitors and residents alike.

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